Impressed with the instructors

  • Our original plan for TKD was to help our daughter who had ADHD not only with self control but also self confidence. Her brother wanted to take the course as well so we enrolled them both in Belt black club. The classes are structured and the students expected to pay attention and participate. This is exactly the environment our daughter needed. The hour of class is the most focused I have seen her. As she progressed through the belt levels her confidence began to rise, not only was she comfortable asking the instructors for help, but also began to assist lower belt levels with their skills. Our son enjoyed the challenges of the warm ups-pushups, planking, etc. He would practice at home in order to always be able to do them at class. He also enjoyed the self defense and the weapons training. As a parent, the most important part for me was the integrity and character of the instructors. In this age and culture it is difficult to find positive role models for kids to look up to and learn from. I was impressed with the way the instructors carried themselves, interacted with the students, and used life examples to teach character and integrity.